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Distill Brands

Distill Brand

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375 Winter Berry Sanitizing Elixir 375 ML Glass Bottle with Pump

Introducing a germ-fighting solution that looks as great on your counter as it works at fighting germs.

Touting a potent 80% alcohol recipe (the FDA recommends we make a sanitizer with at least 80% ethyl alcohol for use currently - while the Germ-X® and Bath & Body Works™ brands you are using only contain 68%) this sanitizer is distillery crafted right along with the top-shelf vodka, using the excess “heads” of the grain not meant for drinking.

Presented in a glass bottle, infused with a pure essential oil to leave you feeling practically, dare we say, exhilarated, this liquid (non-gel) solution is GMO free and contains no phalates, no parabens, no gluten, no nothing you don’t want.

- 80% Alcohol (160 proof)
- Ingredients: alcohol 80%, essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, purified water usp
- 375 ml heavy weight glass bottle 
- Phalates, paraben and gluten free
- Made in USA