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Encounter in-the-moment encouragement, guidance, and spiritual refreshment that addresses your heart and life’s daily needs.
What do you need?
When is the last time someone asked you this question? If it’s been too long or you can’t remember, this book is for you.
Really think about it (we’ll wait). Take a deep breath. Sit in that stillness for a minute. Listen to what your heart, mind, or soul is truly longing for. Then, give that request its due attention.
Do you need…

  • a fresh start?
  • boldness?
  • to hear everything will be okay?
  • a day at the beach?
  • prayer for a future and a hope?

 You can have it…and much more.
Author Hope Lyda is at your service and here to provide insight, understanding, levity, a listening ear, and coaching for that inspired next step. Each chapter comes with a “care package” that contains a special wish for you, wisdom from God, practical application, and a personal affirmation.

Gift this one-of-a-kind book to a loved one when you can’t be there to offer support or embrace this opportunity for some well-deserved self-care. Receive what you need today.